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<< This is me, one happy interactive designer, standing in the newly finished exhibit of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, "Americans and the Holocaust," with my greatest achievement to date: In Search Of Refuge, a touchscreen interactive storybook of nine Jewish families' desperate struggle to flee Nazi Germany in the 1930's. 

As an Interactive Designer, I have designed touchscreen interactive kiosks, mobile apps and AR pieces for a variety of clients including Smithsonian museums, other historical museums, memorial museums, aquariums, sports halls of fame, presidential libraries, and more. It's been a wild ride, and I'm truly humbled to be a small part of so many incredible stories.

When I'm not designing interactives, I'm busy running my own small business, Becky J. Invitations, where I design custom wedding invitations and other special event stationery. This has been a passion-driven side hustle of mine since 2011 but finally became a reality in 2017. I revel in the joy of creating custom products for clients all over the US, as well as the daily madness of wearing 10 different hats as an entrepreneur.

When I'm not designing invitations, I'm the Senior Designer for Boshemia Magazine, a grass roots feminist magazine that started as a blog in 2016. I count myself lucky to have been responsible for designing their first magazine from scratch in June 2017. Fast forward to June 2018 and we just released our 3rd issue--available in the US and UK!! 

And when I'm not doing any of those exciting things, I'm knitting. Yes, knitting. Ask me about my dog sweaters.

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