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Vol. 1 // Issue 01

Boshemia Magazine


This is the first print of Boshemia Magazine, released June 2017. I designed the basic template for this 100-page magazine from scratch using a 2-column layout formatted for A5. Articles were written by our editorial staff as well as international contributors. Art was selected by editorial staff.


As lead designer, I was responsible for cover, masthead, typography, design and layout, as well as creating an aggressive design timeline for myself and one other design associate. I also took responsibility for ensuring proper margins, bleeds, gutter, image and color output settings for perfect printing.


Boshemia is a global community and art collective founded in the US and UK for intersectional feminists and free expression. We welcome womxn and nonbinary folk into this space with open arms. We strive to cultivate an energized and engaged community of feminists who art and culture. We work to share diverse stories and bold voices that challenge misconceptions and present new perspectives in our ever-evolving, undeniably gendered world. Above all, we wish to amplify marginalized voices and advocate for women, minorities, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Boshemia invites these voices to write their own identities.

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